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Anna Dusseau | The Soundtrack to Sanity | 20th March 2020

The best advice anyone gave me regarding parenting was to have the radio on in the background. That’s it! You’re welcome. But seriously, this passing comment has absolutely shaped my homeschool style and serves as a basis for keeping me calm and engaged throughout the day. Continue reading..

Anna Dusseau | Why Duvets are Pirate Ships and Play Fights Rule | 23rd May 2020

Waiting to be published. Nearly there, promise.. ; )

Anna Dusseau | 15 Awkward Questions You’ll Get Asked About Homeschooling (and How to Reply) | 4th March 2020

Let me guess. You’re loving homeschooling, right? I mean, I know we all have our ups and downs, but if you can recall, that was what the school routine was like, too. In fact, if I’m really honest with myself, almost every single day when my daughter was in Reception and my middle son attended – very reluctantly – the local nursery, I would spend the day with my stomach in my shoes. Continue reading..

Anna Dusseau | Strange Times: Skyping to Make Sense of the World | 18th March 2020

Yesterday felt weird. After the giddy realisation of the PM’s speech on Monday – significantly ramping up the COVID-19 containment effort and advising the UK to avoid all unnecessary travel and contact – things felt quite different, all of a sudden. A few schools with dwindling numbers are still open, presumably to prevent the total economic choke-hold that a nationwide school closure would bring. But apart from that? Nada. Continue reading..

Anna Dusseau | He Said, She Said: Resolving Sibling Disputes | 25th March 2020

Kids kicking off? Hungry for a fresh order of parenting wisdom? Look no further than the Homeschool Guru’s sizzling takeaway menu (the restaurant is closed) where fury tastes better with a side order of sarcasm. Continue reading..

Anna Dusseau | Homeschool Rules #2: Fix Up, Look Sharp | 31st March 2020

“This is Homeschool HQ to Gavin’s mum. Put the pjs down and step away from the biscuit tin! I repeat: PUT. THE. PJS. DOWN. This is not a drill!” Hello. Are you Gavin’s mum, by any chance? Or Gavin’s dad, come to think of it? Because we are now just over a week into the official ‘stay home��� guidance and – trust me; I know – it can feel like there’s absolutely noting to get your ass dressed for. Continue reading..

Anna Dusseau | Homeschool Rules #4: 50 Genius Ways to Avoid Losing your Shiz with the Kidz | 2nd April 2020

Omfg, these little people! We love them but they can grind your gears, right? I sometimes feel like they were sent to test me. Like, do you remember way back in your first pregnancy when you felt a bit panicky because you couldn’t find those vegan multivitamins with the plant-based omega supplement? That seemed so important at the time. Continue reading..

Anna Dusseau | Life Hacks for Homeschooling Parents | 13th April 2020

Mental health matters. Full stop. But where are we now with supporting families struggling in the grip of global crisis? Back in October 2019, the Every Mind Matters campaign amassed rapid public support with its 5-step mental health personalised plan, launched in conjunction with the NHS and a whole host of famous names, from Nadiya Hussain to Prince Harry. The initiative has, in fact, been updated to account for the mental health challenges presented by the COVID-19 crisis (click  to check it out) but that’s just a drop in the ocean compared to the scale of problems faced by parents suddenly thrown into semi-permanent isolation, along with the added pressure of working from home and managing home education. Continue reading..

Anna Dusseau | How to Bounce Back After a Bad Day | 16th April 2020

Oh my! Do you ever have one of those days where you just weren’t the kind of parent you normally like to be? I work really hard on keeping my cool and mostly feel like it’s not even an effort, as my kids are so fun and creative to spend time with. Either that, or I’ve just forgotten what adult company and Processo at 1pm feels like. But look, sometimes..? Continue reading..

Anna Dusseau | Shit I Wish I Didn’t Have to Explain to My Kids | 17th April 2020

  1. It’s hot. It’s so obviously hot.
  2. Donald Trump isn’t the Prime Minister of Hollywood. I mean,is he?
  3. Hula Hoops don’t count towards your five a day.
  4. You can’t wipe your brother’s butt. Nope. Continue reading..

Anna Dusseau | Dark Chocolate and Screaming Orgasms: the Not-So-Secret Recipe to Being a Yummy Mummy | 21st April 2020

Or daddy? I feel this is a universal post. And you already know the first two items, so let’s get cracking with the rest, shall we? Confession: I didn’t bounce back at all after my daughter was born and spent the two years between my first and second child feeling like a permanently sluggish shadow of my former self. But something clicked for me after my son came along and, bit by bit, I started to figure out how my mind and body works best. Continue reading..

Anna Dusseau | Top 10 Song Lyrics My Kids Are Straight Up Wrong About | 1st May 2020

Do you guys follow Andi and his kids at ? If not, get on it because these guys are hilarious. Earlier this week, Andi wrote a post about giving away his age by listening to a bit of 80s Ska revival and this got me thinking about what we listen to and the fantastic remixes I end up hearing at bathtime. Continue reading..

Anna Dusseau | How To Start Your Day | 11th May 2020

The way your morning starts can make all the difference to the kind of homeschooling day you’re going to have. Mine has to start, every time, with a double espresso and a long stretch, usually half closing one eye to block out the sound of one of the children dragging a chair all the way down the hall because it’s ‘their turn to open the blinds.’ Continue reading..

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