50 Homeschooling Resources You Need in Your Life, Like NOW!

Anna Dusseau | 15th April 2020

  1. Google Earth
  2. Maths? No Problem!
  3. Encyclopaedia
  4. Top Trumps
  5. Story of the World
  6. Recorders
  7. Story Cubes
  8. Child safety kitchen utensils
  9. Scrap paper drawer
  10. Matilda Splendid Spelling Game
  11. Binoculars
  12. Cartoon History of the Universe
  13. Curiosity Box
  14. Rubik’s Cube
  15. Kiddi Zoom Camera
  16. An atlas or globe
  17. Tennis rackets
  18. Skipping rope
  19. Magformers
  20. Dr Seuss Books
  21. Mini blackboards
  22. A sketchbook, note pad or journal
  23. Kids’ recipe books
  24. CD player and audio tapes
  25. Welly boots
  26. Magnifying glass
  27. The Harry Potter Illustrated Books
  28. Dry pasta bowl
  29. Bug collecting kit
  30. Litter pickers
  31. Daily or weekly newspaper subscription
  32. TED-ed videos
  33. NASA for students
  34. Duolingo
  35. BrainPOP
  36. The Artful Parent
  37. 826 Digital
  38. A stopwatch
  39. Always several cardboard boxes, some bicarbonate of soda and vinegar
  40. Paint
  41. A football
  42. The Usbourne See Inside Your Body Book
  43. The Life of Fred maths series
  44. Okido magazine
  45. Dictionary and thesaurus
  46. Folders
  47. String
  48. Netflix (for sure)
  49. 9-volt cattle prod (kidding)
  50. Decent bottle of wine (not kidding)

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