‘I think we’ve tied acquiring knowledge too much to school.’

Arno Penzias

Anna Dusseau | Eco and Glam: The Cotswolds | 2nd March 2020

Perhaps I am rather late to the party, but has anyone noticed just how great The Cotswolds are for a mini break or even more extended getaway? Set in the luxuriously undulating landscape that governs the boarder between Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire, this glorious region of the UK enables you to skip the carbon-footprint guilt and 10-minute queues for tepid cappuccinos, in favour of rolling countryside, Tudor cottages and an abundance of attractions and activities. What’s not to like? Continue reading..

Anna Dusseau | My Worldschool Bucket List| 9th April 2020

Let’s dream for a minute. The coronavirus crisis is over, everyone loves how the Prime Minister’s new baby is rocking the same Eton-flick as his famous dad, and the runways are busy again polluting the planet thanks to the jet-set squad which, let’s face it, we all were until like 5 minutes ago. (Darn you, Greta, and your good intentions!) So where would you like to go? Continue reading..

Anna Dusseau | Travel from Gome? Yes, You Can! | 23rd April 2020

This. Is. Fun. Do I even need to add a 90s inflected ‘not‘ at this point? Because really, if you are beginning to feel like a hostage on Big Brother series that you definitely don’t recall signing up for, then join the fricking club. Selfish though it sounds, I miss packing our bags to go somewhere. I miss the random combination of chai latte and sushi in the ‘anything goes’ twilight zone of the departures lounge. Continue reading..

Anna Dusseau | Worldschooling: Let’s Go To Provence | 8th May 2020

Ah lala! La Provence! Sun baked region of l’or bleu (blue gold aka. lavendar..yes, I know, it’s clearly purple), ground almond Calissons, bouillabaisse and – why is this last? – Pastis. The first time we visited my husband’s region, we ended up in Marseille and I insisted on visiting the cafe by the docks where Love Actually was filmed. Bar de la Marine. Continue reading..

Anna Dusseau | Affordable Holiday Destinations for Families on a Budget | 16th May 2020

Waiting to be published. Nearly there; promise.. ; )

Anna Dusseau | The Secret to Surviving the Holidays Like a Homeschool Pro | 20th June 2020

Waiting to be published. Nearly there; promise.. ; )

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