‘Education authorities have no affection for the children worst, they are politicians engaged in squabbles for plums.’

Bertrand Russell

It seemed like only a matter of time before I would have to try this vegan thing for myself. Our diet is – and has been for a long time  – heavily plant-based thanks to my pathological fear of handling raw meat, a character trait which still has my steak-loving French husband sporadically questioning why he married me. Continue reading..

Anna Dusseau | Why Baking is an Essential Part of Homeschooling | 8th April 2020

Like my favourite kind of pastry, I’m going to keep this short and sweet because – well – sometimes things are just better that way. From creamy lasagne to dairy-free banana cupcakes, cooking and baking is surely a fundamental aspect of family life, regardless of school ethos. Continue reading..

Anna Dusseau | How to Feed a Family of Five for £50 | 5th March 2020

I mean, we are all on a budget, right? In our family, we went from two decent salaries, to living on a single salary while my husband continued to work in a city job he hated, to finally both working part time from home. Times are very different for us now. Happier, calmer, more purposeful, but a lot less imported raspberries. Which is probably a good thing. Does any of this sound familiar? Continue reading..

Anna Dusseau | Waste Not, Want Not: Crafty Leftovers and Cooking From Scratch | 19th March 2020

First, let me make one thing clear; I can do a fancy lunch. Which is another way of saying: ‘I’ve located the whereabouts of my nearest M&S Foodhall and I’m not afraid to use it’. So, just before we dive in and you emerge thinking that I’m 110% an Ecover-weilding sit-down-protest-type who wouldn’t know marscapone from marzipan, I can promise you that I’m not too bad at throwing together some posh lunchables when friends from our mojito-swigging past lives hop on the train to haunt us with their successful careers and ageless faces. Continue reading..

Anna Dusseau | Pimp Your Crumble: from Poached Pear Princesses to Tinned Peach Tony | 4th May 2020

I love a good crumble. Tasty? Yep. Comfort food? Sure. But, more than that, crumbles are the wise homeschool mama’s choice for putting food on the table that is healthy, inexpensive and – because a large crumble will typically last you a few days – reduces time spent preparing food. But crumbles don’t have to be the logical step between sambuca nights and incontinence pads. In fact, this post is going to teach you how to make crumbles so badass, they’ll be writing their own blog. Continue reading..

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