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Homeschool on the Rise? Parents Aren’t Stupid but Still, I’m Surprised.

Anna Dusseau | 27th October 2020 Guys, this is going to be my last blog post! Projects are starting to pick up this end and I simply can’t make room for it all. I have really enjoyed writing here and the engagement I’ve had with you all…what a lovely crowd. If you like my writing, thenContinue reading “Homeschool on the Rise? Parents Aren’t Stupid but Still, I’m Surprised.”

Here’s My Evidence for the Select Committee. What’s Yours?

Anna Dusseau | 7th October 2020 A government inquiry has been launched into home education in the UK, seeking to: “understand the extent to which current arrangements provide sufficient support for home educated children to access efficient, full-time and suitable education, and establish what further measures may be necessary in order to facilitate this. ItContinue reading “Here’s My Evidence for the Select Committee. What’s Yours?”

Nobody’s Friend: How School Deprofessionalises Teachers and Damages Childhood

Anna Dusseau | 22nd September 2020 Here we go again. One minute it’s “back to the office”, the next it’s another 6 months of working from home. Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it’s…wait, what? The pandemic, quite clearly, is a game changer, but this is the first time I’ve had to double-check the headlines each morning to actuallyContinue reading “Nobody’s Friend: How School Deprofessionalises Teachers and Damages Childhood”

‘Driven’ is the Word: On School Despotism and Intrinsic Motivation

Anna Dusseau | 16th September 2020 I want you to consider the possibility that school is damaging your child. I want you to consider, too, the possibility that you have been damaged by your own schooling, and that you carry this with you when you talk about education. We all know that schools shape livesContinue reading “‘Driven’ is the Word: On School Despotism and Intrinsic Motivation”

Picasso, Percentages, and the False Security of Schoolwork

Anna Dusseau | 9th September 2020 It’s a Saturday morning which, technically, means I shouldn’t be stuck in the office printing resources. Still, we are embracing autonomous learning and, if my middle son wants a blank treasure map, then a blank treasure map he shall have. “What’s it for?” I ask him, absentmindedly. “Treasure,” heContinue reading “Picasso, Percentages, and the False Security of Schoolwork”

Ten Letters

Anna Dusseau | 2nd September 2020 Every evening during his presidency, Barack Obama would sit down with ten letters from the public, and he would read them. “What this form of story sharing and empathy and listening does,” he later acknowledged, “is it creates the conditions around which we can then have a meaningful conversationContinue reading “Ten Letters”

Ready, Steady…Oh! Reflections on the Big Back to School Race.

Anna Dusseau | 12th August 2020 It’s been a long 6 months. Like you, we have spent this strange summer cautiously meeting with other families in open spaces, and visiting attractions where social distancing is in operation. We all wear masks, of course, crossing the road for groceries like Neverland bandits, the littlest fiercely brandishingContinue reading “Ready, Steady…Oh! Reflections on the Big Back to School Race.”

The Power to Write Your Own Narrative: Imaginative Play and Well-being

Anna Dusseau | 30th July 2020 “Mum, can we play that game again?” I raise one eyebrow from behind my coffee cup. This means: “Which one?” From behind her back, my daughter now reveals the dreaded plastic dolls who – though originally identifiable as merchandise models of Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger and ChoContinue reading “The Power to Write Your Own Narrative: Imaginative Play and Well-being”

On Being Yourself

Anna Dusseau | 15th July 2020 “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde The year is 2016 and I’m sat on a riverbank overlooking the Thames. There is a boat race that takes place here and it’s fun to watch. We try to avoid the crowds; going upriver as far as possible untilContinue reading “On Being Yourself”

My Vegan Basics List

Anna Dusseau | 29th May 2020 “Oh, nice!” said Miley, a semi-friend and foul-mouthed foodie columnist who follows my blog. “It looks like a line up of all my ex-boyfriends.” I often check my food posts with Miley, you see, just to be sure. And this time, as usual, I rather wish I hadn’t. Well,Continue reading “My Vegan Basics List”

Ten Problems, One Solution: Chocolate

Anna Dusseau | 15th May 2020 Dark chocolate, to be specific. Because in this house, there is just one solution to a whole host of problems. Don’t overthink it. Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. Get involved and give yourself a brain-boosting, endorphin-soaring, antioxidant, 85% dose of ‘I-can-handle-this’ and change your parenting stress habits for life. Here’s howContinue reading “Ten Problems, One Solution: Chocolate”

How to Start the Day

Anna Dusseau | 10th May 2020 The way your morning starts can make all the difference to the kind of homeschooling day you’re going to have. Mine has to start, every time, with a double espresso and a long stretch, usually half closing one eye to block out the sound of one of the childrenContinue reading “How to Start the Day”

One For The Dads

Anna Dusseau | 7th May 2020 “This one is for the daddies driving Polos/Changing nappies, making lunch and playing yo-yo.” (Probably Not) Nikki Minaj I am conscious that this feels like a female space. Not blogging per se, but the world of parent blogging. Wait, scrap that. Just parenting full stop. Biologically and statistically, it’sContinue reading “One For The Dads”

Pimp Your Crumble: from Poached Pear Princesses to Tinned Peach Tony

Anna Dusseau | 4th May 2020 I love a good crumble. Tasty? Yep. Comfort food? Sure. But, more than that, crumbles are the wise homeschool mama’s choice for putting food on the table that is healthy, inexpensive and – because a large crumble will typically last you a few days – reduces time spent preparingContinue reading “Pimp Your Crumble: from Poached Pear Princesses to Tinned Peach Tony”

Homeschooling is Dangerous, Harvard? Come On, Now..

Anna Dusseau | 30th April 2020 Last week was a kick in the nuts. According to the Daily Mail, Harvard law professor Elizabeth Bartholet has labelled homeschooling as ‘dangerous’, claiming that it gives parents “authoritarian control” over children. Okaaaaay. I mean, it’s the Daily Mail, so I’m easy like Sunday morning at this point. ItContinue reading “Homeschooling is Dangerous, Harvard? Come On, Now..”

Paperless Planning? Pah!

Anna Dusseau | 29th April 2020 “Time spent among trees is never time wasted.” – anonymous Not being funny, but the whole paperless environment trend has been a total fail in our house and that’s not because I own a Rottweiler and drink Stella on a folding chair the moment the sun comes out. NotContinue reading “Paperless Planning? Pah!”

Get Ready to Rumble: Safe Rules for Serious Play Fights

Anna Dusseau | 28th April 2020 Play fighting is a daily occurrence in our house. Daily? Perhaps I should say hourly. I think that’s why my kids are so happy. You see, play fighting – also known as roughhousing – releases a chemical called BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor) which stimulates neuron growth within the cortex andContinue reading “Get Ready to Rumble: Safe Rules for Serious Play Fights”

Oh, Shit!

Anna Dusseau | 27th April 2020 Even before I hit the button on the Nespresso machine this morning, darling daughter wandered into the living room and announced that today she would like to dig a hole in the garden and poo in it. I thought you might like to know it’s not all sunbeams andContinue reading “Oh, Shit!”

Dark Chocolate and Screaming Orgasms: the Not-So-Secret Recipe to Being a Yummy Mummy

Anna Dusseau | 21st April 2020 Or daddy? I feel this is a universal post. And you already know the first two items, so let’s get cracking with the rest, shall we? Confession: I didn’t bounce back at all after my daughter was born and spent the two years between my first and second childContinue reading “Dark Chocolate and Screaming Orgasms: the Not-So-Secret Recipe to Being a Yummy Mummy”

Homeschool Holiday Haiku

Anna Dusseau | 20th April 2020 I hope you’re on holiday now, enjoying the weather Because everyone’s brain works better When you take a break. Originally written by Erica from trampoline club, age 9, who doesn’t care for the exactings of haiku but seems to know a thing or two about neuroscience. Thanks, Erica! ;Continue reading “Homeschool Holiday Haiku”

Shit I Wish I Didn’t Have to Explain to My Kids..

Anna Dusseau | 17th April 2020 “Having children is like living in a frat house – nobody sleeps, everything’s broken, and there’s a lot of throwing up.” Ray Romano It’s hot. It’s so obviously hot. Donald Trump isn’t the Prime Minister of Hollywood. I mean, is he? Hula Hoops don’t count towards your five a day. YouContinue reading “Shit I Wish I Didn’t Have to Explain to My Kids..”

50 Homeschooling Resources You Need in Your Life, Like NOW!

Anna Dusseau | 15th April 2020 Google Earth Maths? No Problem! Encyclopaedia Top Trumps Story of the World Recorders Story Cubes Child safety kitchen utensils Scrap paper drawer Matilda Splendid Spelling Game Binoculars Cartoon History of the Universe Curiosity Box Rubik’s Cube Kiddi Zoom Camera An atlas or globe Tennis rackets Skipping rope Magformers DrContinue reading “50 Homeschooling Resources You Need in Your Life, Like NOW!”

Reflections of a Reluctant Teacher: My Education Journey

Anna Dusseau | 14th April 2020 Becoming a homeschooling family has been a cathartic process for me, as I realise now that I come from a long line of homeschoolers. We just didn’t know it back then. Both sides of my family are packed with incredibly bright, bookish people who simmer in that slightly hyper-intelligentContinue reading “Reflections of a Reluctant Teacher: My Education Journey”

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